Use Mouse to move paddle. Keep cursor level as you play. If cursor leaves game frame you'll lose paddle control.
L Click: Shoot Ball & Fire Weapons.
There are 15 Levels in total.
You only get 3 Lives. Make them count.

TIPS: Scrape brick row edge to clear multiple bricks in one pass.
Move the paddle when you release the ball, to launch it at a slight angle.
Direct ball above the brick set for faster easier destruction.
Green Fireball is your best weapon. It burns through all brick types.
Orange Fireball can destroy steel and striped bricks.
Some striped bricks are magnetic and will affect ball motion.
Use lasers & missiles to clear bricks.
Power ups caught when all bricks are cleared may carry over to the next level. Be cautious about that.
Note: Game cheats and sometimes drops bombs exactly where the ball is. Having multiple balls in motion is the only defense.

LEVELS (1-15)

Use this screen shot index to mark what level you're on

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