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NOTE: ADOBE FLASH PLAYER will be discontinued some time in 2020. -Article
Some browser developers have already disabled the flash player plug-in. You may need to manually enable Flash in your browser settings to play these games, if by default the content is blocked.

A few games on this site are short demo versions. Full game copies must be purchased from the developers.
I wouldn't purchase a game if I can't play it much longer, but maybe the devs upgraded their game to a Html5 or phone app version.

When and if it becomes no longer possible to play flash games in browsers, I'll close these arcade pages, but will probably keep the swf files available
to download from my site, along with any game tutorials I've made.

If you're interested in playing flash games after 2020, or locally on your PC:
Try Adobe's Standalone Flash Player.
Go to this Adobe page and download the Flash Player Projector 32 exe to your desktop or wherever.
No installation required. Run as a standalone application.
Click File > Open > Browse. Locate the Game swf file you want to play. Highlight and open.
Or just drag & drop the file on the app window to open it. And of course you can desginate swf files to always open with that app when clicked.
Note: This works for most games but not all. For example, Crush the Castle Players Pack Edition won't run with that app. Try IE browser instead.

Also check out:
Flashpoint Launcher or
Ruffle - a Flash Player emulator.